In our last blog post, we discussed some of the common trees found in Macomb. Today we’ll discuss more common trees found in Macomb. Halo Tree Service offers the best tree trimming and shrub and stump removal. We offer emergency services and focus on tree cutting that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is also healthy for your trees. Contact us today for all your Macomb tree service needs!


  • Quaking aspen. Featuring tall trunks marked with white and black bark, quaking aspen goes by many names, including trembling aspen, golden aspen, white poplar, and popple. These magnificent deciduous trees turn a brilliant yellow or golden yellow in the fall. Its name comes from its stalk that is very flexible and thus trembles in the wind. The leaves are round, and its bark contains a substance that is very similar to quinine and was used to help treat ailments by Native Americans. Pioneers used their wood for log cabins and dugouts, and their leaves are home to many species of caterpillars. The average lifespan for a quaking aspen is between 50 and 60 years with some living as long as 150 years.
  • Bigtooth aspen. Names for the course tooth on their leaves, bigtooth aspen is a deciduous tree found throughout the forests of Michigan. Uniquely, its bark is olive-green in its youth, but the bark changes color to gray as it ages. The bigtooth aspen’s leaves in the fall are most commonly deep yellow but can be found in various shades of orange with red mixed in. Like its cousin, the quaking aspen, the bigtooth aspen also features “quaking leaves” that flutter in the wind, making it easy to confuse the two. Bigtooth aspen are fast-growing, but short-lived, only averaging between 50-60 years with some living to be around 100 years old. Macomb tree trimming by Halo Tree Service helps trees such as the bigtooth aspen stay healthy.
  • Northern red oak. Northern red oak is a deciduous tree that grows straight and true, like the famous saying “mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” This tree grows rapidly and is extremely long-living with many living up to 400 years old. Its bark has stripes down the center with seven to nine point leaves. Valued for its timber, northern red oak has been valued for centuries and has been made into furniture, trim, railroad ties, and fence posts. Their leaves turn red to red-orange for the most part with some yellow sneaking in. Northern red oaks are popular with critters and of course supply acorns for the animals to forage in the winter.

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