Halo Tree Service is passionate about maintaining the natural beauty of the Shelby Township as a whole, including Macomb and Rochester. We take pains to ensure that your trees continue to live, content and beautiful, to preserve the natural beauty of our neighborhoods. Most of the time, that means good quality tree trimming that will guide your tree to grow in an aesthetically pleasing and safe way so that inclement weather won’t be able to get the better of it. When you’re in need of amazing pruning services, where each cut, each clip, is a product of a carefully crafted blueprint for each of your trees, reach out to us. We’re here to help you with small, minimal pruning efforts in between our visits and how to guide you tree toward healthy growth. Together, we’ll create a landscape full of towering native and exotic foliage that frames the blue sky and our homes with a vista of leaves and twisting, healthy bark.

Our pruning practices are complex and, while we can’t give away all of our secrets, we can inform you of the in-between care of our own services. As professional tree trimmers, we’re experts on making the perfect cut to a tree, so if it’s just a single branch that’s ruining your outdoor groove, poking people in the eye, or getting too close to your tiki torches for comfort, we have a few ways that you can handle that and identify if you need to call in the professionals to help with the entire tree’s design.

Tree Trimming

Is Winter Pruning  A Good Idea?

You may not know it, but winter trimming is probably the best possible time to invest in tree trimming services.

Why? You may ask.

It’s not just because when the cold weather sets in most people stop thinking about the health of their trees. After all, when they don’t have any leaves they anymore they’re “sleeping” right? Actually, that’s exactly why trimming trees is best during that time of year. Trees are “sleeping’ during the winter, or rather, they’ve become dormant and so have all the diseases they could catch with their newly exposed wounds. There’s a variety of reasons why winter pruning is most advantageous beyond lowering the risk of disease.

Benefits Of Winter Tree Trimming:

Take advantage of a more visible tree structure. When the leaves fall, all you’ll see is the branches of your tree or shrub and while some may pause at how unsightly that can look, this is actually the perfect time to shape your tree. Like shaping a haircut, it’s easier when the hair isn’t weighed down with product, or the tree’s branches aren’t’ muffled by leaves. The absence of leaves allows us to create a more perfect growing shape and encourage healthier growing patterns that ensure the structure of your tree is more reliable in bad weather and looks better when the leaves come back.

Additionally, as professionals, we can easily spot sketchy branches, but without leaves, we can examine the structural integrity of the tree more freely which allows us to make better decisions on what branches are problems now and what could be problems later. This, in-turn, influences the way we can shape your tree and help you make the most of your landscaping efforts for your Macomb home. If you’re already dreaming about the summer weather, make sure your yard looks great in the future by making the appropriate preparations now.