Michigan is a beautiful state, full of some of the nation’s best National Forests, providing a great habitat for plants and animals. The shrub layer, or lower layer of the forest is full of small shrubs and bushes, while the upper story or canopy is full of broad leaves and branches that offer shelter to the world below. Macomb is blessed with many beautiful types of trees. Halo Tree Service in Macomb specializes in tree trimming services and stump removal. Below, we’ll go over some of the common types of trees you can expect to see out and about in Macomb. Contact us today for all your Macomb tree service needs!


  • Sugar maple. Known for its great-tasting maple syrup, sugar maples offer some of the best fall foliage with spectacular colors. Sugar maples can range in fall leaf colors of bright yellow to orange or fluorescent red-orange. One distinguishing characteristic of sugar maples is their tendency for their leaves to change colors at different stages, yielding a rainbow of colors all at the same time on the same tree. Similarly, sometimes one part of the tree will change colors long before or after a different part of the tree. A deciduous tree, sugar maples have the typical five-point leaves that most maple trees boast. They flower with winged seeds, beginning at around 20 years old, and are long-living, living on average around 200 years and up to 300 years.
  • Red maple. Red maples are used to produce maple syrup like their relatives, the sugar maple. A deciduous tree, their leaves are arranged oppositely on branches. Red maples get their name from their leaves; however, not only do they turn a brilliant red in the fall, but their twigs have a red tint to them all year long. Their leaves don’t always have five points, but can have between three and five points. Red maples can live up to 150 years, but typically live to be around 100 years old. This in part is due to the red maple’s thin bark that can be easily damaged in storms, by animals, or even by lawn mowers that throw up debris, creating holes that lead to rot.
  • Red pine. An evergreen tree that grows tall and straight, red pine sport conical crowns. Its bark is thick, and the red pine gets its name from red streaks in its bark and crown. This species is self-pruning, meaning you won’t have to call in a Macomb tree service such as Halo Tree Service for tree trimming needs. Self-pruning is a characteristic of some trees that is a self-preservation act and gives the tree a better chance of survival. In essence, the tree sheds its lower branches that don’t get enough sunlight for those leaves to survive. Two hundred years old is common for red pines with some living to be near 500 years old.

Halo Tree Service is the best Macomb tree trimming and Macomb tree service. Our mission is to make your trees healthy and beautiful so they continue to make your world a bit brighter. If you are in need of tree trimming, stump removal, and shrub removal services in Macomb, call Halo Tree Service today!