How a Tree is Removed

While at Halo Tree Service we always want to preserve the life and health of trees, there are times that a tree will need to be removed from your property. Most often, dead trees and/or hazardous trees are the subjects of tree removal, but other scenarios can arise where you would need to remove a tree from your property. 

Regardless of your scenario, if you think that you may need a tree removed from your property make sure you consult with your local experts at Halo Tree Service. We can determine if there are other ways to salvage your tree, and if not, determine how to most effectively and efficiently remove the tree from your property.In this blog, we’re going to share the process that is followed when removing a tree. 

Although this may seem like a simple task, this is a job best left to the professionals. We have the training, skill, experience, and knowledge to safely remove trees using the proper equipment and strategies..

Determine Angle of Fall

As we prepare the area to host the fallen tree, we’ll look to determine what angle is best to cut from. We’ll also inspect the tree again to ensure there are no surprises or extra variables to consider. During this time, we’ll also determine which equipment is best suited for the project.

Clear an Area

Since the tree that’s getting removed will need to be felled, the first step is to designate and then clear the area where the tree will land. We’ll clear the area to ensure a safe process and easy cleanup.

Create Escape Routes

When we fell trees, we ensure we have a plan for every situation. While we’re extremely skilled at removing trees, we ensure to have multiple plans to prevent any issues and sure everyone’s safety.

Prepare Our Equipment

Now that the area is inspected and prepared, we’ll get everything in motion to remove the tree from your property. We’ll set up any of the equipment we need to use — no matter the size of the tree, we have the equipment to properly remove it. 

Issue the Undercut

The first part of removing the tree is to place an undercut on the side of the tree where it is going to drop. Undercuts feature a “v” shape that goes around a quarter of the way into the tree’s diameter.

Complete the Backcut

Once the undercut is complete, the backcut is issued from the opposite side of the tree in a straight line, usually around two inches above the top of the undercut. After a certain amount of time, the tree will naturally lean into the undercut until the backcut causes it to fall to the ground.


When the stress gives way, our arborist will yell “timber” as the tree falls to the designated area. Again, this all may seem straightforward, but our team has trained extensively to perfect the art of felling trees precisely and safely!

Finishing Up

After the tree is no longer standing, there are multiple options for what to do next. We can take the tree from your property, or if you’re interested, we’re able to turn it into firewood for you! We also offer stump grinding and removal services to ensure your landscape is looking its best and staying functional after the tree is gone! 

Halo Tree Service

At Halo Tree Service, we strive to help you take care of your trees, keep them healthy and happy, and if the time comes, safely and effectively remove them from your property. If you’d like to get started with our tree removal services, contact us today!