The trees outside of your home or business have a dramatic, if unseen, effect on your property’s value. While trees may not sell a house (or scare away a buyer) as much as a kitchen or bathroom might, they can still have a sizeable impact on people’s impression of the property, as well as how much insurance and other costs add up to.

Preserving the Cost Balance of Your Trees

The best way to look at your trees’ relationship to your property is simple: Balance is necessary to keep your value-adding trees from becoming hazardous to people and harmful to value.

How Trees Add Value

A home, neighborhood, or business that sports matured trees is seen as welcoming, inviting, and seasoned. These endearing terms translate into direct value for the property itself, as buyers can easily picture themselves lounging in a shady backyard or welcoming customers into a store neatly framed by beautiful trees. Even if your trees do not actually add any square footage to the interior of your property, they work wonders for the outdoor spaces. In fact, it is estimated that money spent on trees and landscaping pays off over twice as much as funds spent fixing up a kitchen or bathroom; maybe this is because people see natural landscaping as something that can’t easily be fixed or bought, but a kitchen or bathroom can always be updated later on.

How Trees Hurt Value

Just as easily as a well-maintained tree add value to a property, it can also quickly take it away. During home or business sale inspections, one thing that is always painstakingly scrutinized is the proximity of trees and other large plants to the perimeter of the home or business. If a large tree looms over a power line or the structure itself, you can be sure that is going to hurt the desire interested parties have in purchasing the property. Other dangers can be less immediately noticeable, such as damage to foundation, concrete, or neighboring properties from overgrown roots, or simply just an overgrown tree that diminishes the curb appeal of the property itself. These issues can hurt the value of your property in both literal and figurative terms through purchase and sale prices, insurance rates, and even liability of damages caused by the overgrowth.

Striking A Balance

It is best to always keep a balance with your home’s landscaping, which can be both easier or more difficult than it sounds. The best way to know for sure that your trees are adding, not subtracting, value from your property is to bring in a reputable tree service to inspect, diagnose, and take action on any troublesome areas. By contacting the professionals at Halo Tree Service in Shelby Township, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best possible tree trimming, pruning, or removal services available locally.

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