Trees aren’t just gorgeous compliments for your yard and living space. When you’re done with your Macomb home and ready to move on, you’ll need something to draw buyers in, often times that’s your front yard. There’s a reason people love hedges and big trees in the front yard, it’s because they increase the value of a house. In fact, most home improvements that improve the lives of those living in the home increase the value of the home. Trees are no different.

The Basics of Choosing a Front Yard Tree

Whether you just paid for an old tree to be removed or you’re looking for a new tree to break the front yard ground with, we’ve got the best trees ranked on all of their useful attributes and how they’ll manage to make your life better while complimenting the decor of your front yard. The things to look for more than anything else includes the color of the foliage on a tree, for example, if a tree has particularly stunning fall foliage, it’s a winning curb appeal piece, this is true even if the tree merely has sharp and interesting looking foliage for most of the year too. The other aspects of a good front yard tree depend on things like personal preferences. If you have a South-facing house and you’re looking for a bit of shade to stop the sun from heating up your house, that could affect your definition of a proper “front yard tree.” We’ve chosen a variety with that cover the basics and a couple of other factors as well.


Dogwoods are like a bargain deal, “buy one, get four.” They’re usually noted for their spring blooms but they also provide amazing fall foliage. Their branches grow in fascinating, horizontal patterns that render them attractive points of interest even in the dead of winter while they’re leafless and without much color like the rest of the landscape. Best of all, it attracts adorable little birdies with its berries and is indigenous to the U.S. It can bloom both pink and red and can get all the way up to 20 or 25 feet high. The fall foliage you’ll enjoy ranges in between hues of rich reds and purples, which makes it more than a mere lawn ornament — it’ll transform the front of your home.

Beech Trees

Beech trees are gorgeous and, are, therefore, a great compliment for any home’s front yard. They’re super colorful and have a wide range of looks, which is great if you’re really into the different looks of all the different seasons. You can find both purple beech and copper beech, but the purple beech has to be our favorite iteration because it even comes in a weeping version with neat little drooping branches.

Invest In Tree Service in Macomb

If you invest in tree service now, you’re saving yourself from dismantling your front yard again later. Halo Tree Service proudly serves the Macomb area, and we’re excited to help you design a landscape around your home that brings out the beauty of the structure as well as the homey feeling within. Contact us to help you wipe the slate clean with tree removal services or trim everything up with tree trimming services that can be tailored for each individual tree on your property. We’re excited to hear from you!