There’s a reason that little chirping birdies are some of the most calming sounds of nature. They’re right up there with the gentle lull and pull of the sea and they make the air seemingly smell sweeter. When the birds start to chirp, it means it’s finally spring, and the world is opening up. Spring means fresh green buds on all the trees, flowers, mown grass and morning dew that chills the breath and sticks to the foliage like twinkling points of light. Having a tree in your yard that attracts birds means you’ll hear the first signs of springtime finally swinging around. As the premier tree service in Macomb, we can only encourage the residents of the area to keep planting more trees and help encourage a beautiful landscape to decorate our skyline with stunning, natural beauty. Thus, let us commence our guide to finding the trees that will draw all the birds to your yard.

The Necessity Of Trees

Trees are the backbone of the bird community in more than one way. They’re certainly a home that protects them from a variety of predators, but they also act as food and more. In fact, birds feed off a tree’s sap buds and nuts as well as the fruit that trees provide. Although you might be a little less than thrilled about those little chirping birds eating the fruit of your tree, there are always measures you can take to prevent them from picking your tree bare.

Trees also host insects in the bark and leaves that can nourish a wide variety of species as well. Your tree will collect water in some of the crooks and crannies that small birds will drink, and some smaller species will use the wet leaves to bathe their feathers. The thick tree canopy of branches and leaves provides much-needed shelter in many types of weather. Understanding the various benefits different aspects of a tree offer to birds is the first step in learning how to attract the bird species you actually want around.

Choose Deciduous Trees

There are three main types of trees that really give birds the nutrients and living support that they need and will help you attract the chirping birdies to your yard. Deciduous trees have to be one of the most practical types of trees on the market that can be used to support your bird ecosystem. Like most trees, these will lose their broad leaves in the winter, but their spring is marked by beautiful floral displays and patterns that will certainly light up your spring landscape with color. The buds and flowers will sustain the bird population, and many of these species have been known for also producing some fruits as well. In the autumn and winter time, deciduous tree debris creates excellent food sources for ground-feeding bird species which can then turn into nesting materials in the spring. We like to suggest mesquites, maples and willows as great deciduous trees that will support the birds in your yard on a year-round basis.  

Contact Halo Tree Service In Macomb

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