Tree canopy elevation is the simple act of raising the elevation of your tree’s canopy. This service is used when limbs begin to sag or grow down towards the ground. While low-hanging branches can be a wonderful asset to your property — creating shade or even a safe place for kids to play — low-hanging branches can also cause a load of issues, depending on the circumstances.

For instance, if a limb is beginning to block sightlines that are essential to the safe operation of vehicles or even pedestrian passage, canopy elevation can remove any visual blockades and create safe sightlines. If a low-hanging branch poses a danger to the tree or surrounding property, you should also consider a canopy elevation.

If you’re concerned about a tree, don’t spend time and energy worrying about it! Instead, contact our tree experts so we can assess your situation and provide the services you need to keep your trees and property in the best-possible condition.